We were at the Raviz Hotel, Kollam to catch up with our schoolmates who took the effort to meet up over 3 days and nights in the town, hotel and the Trinity Lyceum School from which we had passed many moons ago.
It was during one of our dinner breaks that we ran into Chef Suresh Pillai.
We knew he was of ‘Masterchef Fame’ (as the only participant from Kerala in the nail-biting TV Series on competitive cooking), it was only now that we had met him for real.

His excitement was infectious as he explained to us the bountiful catch from the Ashtamudi Lake, the fresh seafood from the Arabian Sea and how he cooked and plated them for the guests as he scrolled us thru his live cooking videos on his smartphone.

Much as I was impressed with his cooking skills, it was his treatment of the ‘Meen Varutharachathu’, I was inspired by. What with the expanse of the Ashtamudi lake that held all kinds of fishes and other secrets, Chef Suresh came across to me like a brother who knew what to do with fish. From the Astamudi lake or from the Arabian Sea, which was just around the bend. Kollam, our home town was magical that way. The sea and the lake, and all the quaint folks living on the lands in between.

Today, as if by a strange destiny, we feel honored to do the branding for Chef Suresh Pillai’s first ever restaurant venture apty titled ‘RESTARANT CHEF PILLAI”.
There is no doubt he has chosen Bengaluru, the tech capital and garden city by default, design or destiny.
We agree like over a million followers he has on his social media platforms.
A million Malayalee followers from Oregon to Auckland can’t be wrong.
If it is Chef Suresh Pillai, Bengaluru be prepared for some serious love to be sprinkled around in the guise of finely cooked, lip-smacking, Kerala Cuisine.

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    15 September, 2021